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=NET2009: evolution and complexity=
Aims and scope

The workshop aims at enhancing scientific cooperation among researchers coming from different fields, such as mathematics, physics, operations research, economic and social sciences, and finance. The target is to share and improve knowledge on networks and on their applications, particularly in finance, economics, and social sciences.

The theoretical work might focus on algorithms of optimization on networks, on models of local and global dynamics, on the development of centrality measures and other statistics on networks, on random graphs, on games or dynamics on networks, on simulations, or on cellular automata. We would greatly appreciate case studies on management and risk, structure, cointegration and stability in financial markets.

The workshop builds on the previous experiences of
-“NET 2006 NETWORKS: TOPOLOGY AND DYNAMICS” Verbania, May 4th-5th 2006;
-“NET2007: topology and dynamics”, Urbino, May 18th-19th 2007;
-“Global versus local dynamics on networks”, Dresden, October 4th-5th 2007;
-“NET2008: structure and complexity”, Trento, June 12th-14th 2008,
itcontinues the workshop series.

A selection of the papers presented in the first two workshops has been published here.
Also for NET2009 we plan to publish a selection of papers in a refereed volume.

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